The Lab

The Media Portrayals of Minorities Project lab was launched at Middlebury College in 2012. It has directly involved undergraduate students in research by training them in lab techniques. Lab members develop projects, are co-presenters of research at academic conferences, and are co-authors on published scholarship. Students are also encouraged to write senior theses using lab procedures.

Middlebury College students have undertaken a number of senior theses based on their participation in the lab. These include:

Razan Jabari (2018), Media Coverage of Palestinians and Israelis in the United States & the United Kingdom, 1996-2016
James Callison (2018), Pushed to The Margins: How the News Media in the United States and United Kingdom Discuss Immigration
Hasher Nisar (2017), Media, Geography, & Status Hierarchies - Muslims and Jews: Evidence from The New York Times and The Guardian, 1985-2014

Former student members of the lab include:

  • Mia Fichman, 2019
  • Erin Hoynes, 2019
  • David Valentin, 2019
  • Razan Jabari, 2018
  • Georgia Grace Edwards, 2018
  • James Callison, 2017.5
  • Hasher Nisar, 2016.5
  • Cara Vazquez, 2016.5
  • Rana Abdelhamid, 2015
  • Hannah Stonebraker, 2013